Here I am, on a road again…


From the first time I heard Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page” I was captivated by it’s serenely melancholic verses. I have had a desire to experience life On The Road from my earliest memories. My childhood fantasy was of joining a passing carnival which to me seemed to exist in a world of eternal summer. This desire had multiplied and blossomed, fed over the years by films like La Strada, songs like Jackson Browne’s The Load Out and of course Jack Kerouac’s masterpiece.
“That book. It’s like poison.” was my good friend Johannes’s opinion. I had found a cassette of it in the glove compartment of his old Mercedes as we sped towards Documenta on the Autobhan.

This spring I got a taste of it. Our Mayflower Tour which began at Pianos in New York City, took us to; Springfield, Hartford, Becket, Lowell, Boston, Philadelphia, Fairfax, Washington DC, and Baltimore.

This was accomplished over a two week span. I loved arriving in a new town, finding a yoga studio, a cafe, a local swimming hole. I could do it endlessly. 
This year we also broke into college radio with the help of Twin-vision. We interviewed/performed live on WHCR Harlem, WEMF Boston, WTCC Hartford, WLFR Pomona NJ, WXCI Danbury Ct. and Radio X in Frankfurt Germany. Our latest album Manifesto ended up in rotation on nearly 50 terrestrial radio stations. I list them here for posterity; KALX, KVMR, KMUD, KCSB, CA. KDUR, KVNF CO. WPKN, WXCI, WESU, WCNI, WWUH CT. WMNF FL. KTUH HI. WEFT IL. WRFL KY. KRVS LA. WMBR, WMFO, WTCC MA. WHFC MD. WERU, WRBC, ME. WHFR MI. KAFI MN. KOPN, KKFI KDHX MO. WLFR, WDVR NJ. CHMR NL Canada. WAER NY. WOUB, WRUW OH. KRSC OK CKCU, CIUT, ON Canada. KBOO OR. WPTS, WXAC PA. KPFT TX. KZMU UT. KAOS WA. WOJB WORT, KUWS, WI.
Hopefully we will visit your town soon. Reach out to us on Facebook. Beckon us. Offer us food and a place to stay. We will come.